Manufacturers wax melting points

The melting point of the p-tex base material is approx 150*C, and the
epoxy resins used to construct skis and boards is about 170*C so you
can see that there's not much leeway between melting the wax & melting
the bases! The key therefore is to keep the iron moving & don't leave it on
the ski while you answer the phone!
X-Cold Waxes & Overlays
DOM-FX01, FX04, FX07, FG07, Q 250*F (120*C)
Cold Waxes
DOM-FX11, FX44, FX77, FG77, HX77L, SRB11 230*F (110*C)
Mid-range Wax & Overlays
DOM-FX22, FX55, FX88, FG88, HX88L, SRB32C, Q6 210*F(100*C)
Warm Waxes & Overlays
DOM-FX33, FX66, FX99, HX99L, 65, RNZ, RNZG 150*F (65*C)
Zoom Waxes
DOM-Z400, Z400G, HZ40, RZ40, RZNS, RN, RNG 250*F(120*C)
FC78 165*C
FC7, FC8X, FC10X 160*C
FC10B0, HF4BW, HF4, LF3, LF4, CH3, CH4 150*C
HF6BW, HF6, LF6, CH6 140*C
HF7BW, HF7, LF7, CH7, Moly Fluor 135*C
HF8BW, HF8, LF8, CH8 120*C
HF10BW, HF10, LF10, CH10 110*C
Toko JetStream (all) 203-230*F (95-110*C)
Cold Waxes   #TOK-0433, 0419, 0409 192-201*F (89-94*C)
Mid-range Waxes #TOK-0432, 0417, 0407 180-189*F (82-87*C)
Warm Waxes #TOK-0431, 0415, 0405 158-167*F (70-75*C)
Universal Waxes #TOK-9770, 0163, 0167 158-167*F (70-75*C)
Molybdenum Waxes #TOK-0420, 0410 167-176*F (75-80*C)
X-Cold Powder Wax #TOK-9868 212-221*F (100-105*C)

Ice Wax & Ultra Waxes #HOL-24125 293*F (145*C)
Cold Universal & Beta Waxes  #HOL-24070, 24115, 20275 275*F (135*C)
Warm Universal & Alpha Waxes #HOL-24125 57*F (125*C)
If you're calibrating your iron to match the melt point of a particular wax,
be aware that once an iron is set on a ski or snowboard base (that's at
room temperature), its plate temperature will drop. In the case of many
household or travel irons, this can be as much as 84*F (30*C)...whereas
a specialist waxing iron like the Kunzmann we carry will only drop about
half that amount before their thermostats kick in to bring the iron
temperature back up to speed. Set your iron temperature (or patience
factor) a little higher accordingly. Also remember that if the ski or board
base is colder than room temperature, this fluctuation will initially be
even exercise still greater patience and caution in this situation.

Temperature Conversion
To convert to C*, subtract 32 from F* and multiply by 5/9...C = (F - 32) x 5/9
To convert to F*, multiply C* by 9/5 and add 32...F = (C x 9/5) + 32
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