With shorter modern carving skis there’s no longer any need to detune the tips & tails of the ski. Detuned carving skis won’t hold the described turning arc as the ski will stay in a flat profile instead of bending which results in the ski not carving & rotary turning force must then be applied causing a skidded turn. With proper bevel, footbeds & knee alignment your skis will perform better if sharp the entire running length.

If you do find your skis a bit too ‘hooky’, rather than detuning the end 100/200mm of the tip which was common on old straight skis it’s better to slightly increase the base edge angle over about 50mm around the contact point at the tip. This is the point were base & side edge angles meet the snow together. This additional base edge angle allows the edge to engage more progressively but will still give full length sharpness once the ski has been tipped.

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