Lenz Boot/Glove Warmer 240V


£20.00 (inc VAT)
Jon's been using a Lenz Boot Warmer (or Space Warmer 1.0 to give it its correct title) for years & reckons it's one of the best pieces of skiing/boarding kit on the market!

When you get in from the slope simply put them in your gloves to dry them during the evening & swap them to your boots at bedtime. The sausage shaped heaters slide right down in to the toe box of the boots. In the morning your boots will be fully dried, warm & easy to get on - which is essential if you have performance fit &/or stiff flex boots.

Note that the Warmer will NOT harm custom moulded footbeds or boot liners.

The Warmers are 220/240V & come wired with an EU plug plus a seperate UK adaptor. It can also be used in 120V regions (like the US/Canada) but they don't get quite as warm but they'll still dry your gloves during the evening and then your boots overnight. 
Lenz, as well as a few other companies, also make a Boot Dryer which is a twin armed hairdryer type product that you put in your boots. Whilst it works very well it's triple the price of the Warmer, is a lot bigger (harder/heavier to pack & easier for the baggage handlers to break) & is noisy when on in your room overnight. The lower cost Warmer is the better product all round.
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